In Dom I Trust

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Now, really the best way to have a enlightening stimulating conversation with you is to explain what I perform for my Dominant as well as how I submit without question or hesitation so it is absolutely necessary for you to realize that...... 

The sub makes his Dom rise.

If my Dom requires me to--Play with him while I give him pleasure--------I must comply

If my Dom requires me to--Bow down to his feet and suck his toes---------I must obey

If my Dom requires me to--Wrestle while He forces me to the ground-----I must submit

If my Dom requires me to--Go limp and let him use and abuse me----------I must trust

If my Dom requires me to--Be led on journey to submission------------- ----I must follow

If my Dom requires me to--Assist my brethren-------------------------------I must respect

If my Dom requires me to--Strip naked and fulfill his every desire-----I will have done it

For if, I really want to please my Dom and love and serve Him the way I should, I will do whatever He requires of my servitude for him, without provocation and willingly without question or hesitation.