Initial step in my journey OR WILD Erotica


A beautiful warm evening proceeded in a small city in Colorado as a gentle breeze felt so glorious running through the trees far below the backyard, as the partiers ate the appetizers and sipped their drinks as their whistles were getting wet.

Lets join the party already in progress

Paragraph 1

The night was winding down, as the few ones left, tired from the 6 hour party. Most of the people at the party left, and I was a little tired after my playtime with Roxanna. I was still ok but I am not superman.

I wasn't sure, but most of the night this new guy Walt was glancing at me.

I am thinking to myself,

"Great, does this mean some guy has the hots for me, that's all I need to top off a less than perfect evening."

After all, I usually have the energy to handle Roxanna and Lori, but tonight my game was a little off. I am a little lethargic tonight, unusual for me.

As I was trying to get out the door, Lucy asked me about work and the reports,

"Dam how boring, Lucy can't this wait?",

I am thinking to myself.

I hope I make it to the door

She finally shuts up and leaves. Finally, I get my chance to get the hell out of here.

I dart for the door and what happens?

It turns out that the quick chat with Lucy that had stalled me just enough to remain in the house just a few minutes longer. Now, just as I worried about Walt asking for some help with cleaning up before I leave, he does exactly that. Since I am the type that hates to say no, I help him a little and when we finish up we get to talking while sitting on the couch and

he asks me the question!

Im looking for a......YOU! I crave fun tonight

"What's your experience with men?"

Oh shit, I knew it!

What do I say?

Do I just play him off like, "Hell, man, do I look like a homo or something?"


do I just give in to my pent up urges and curiosity to try it and can then say I did?

I mean, what do I do now?

Well, this is an erotica story, so if I say no, this story won't lead anywhere.