Read the Bill of Lies, you will also feel MADNESS

PAY very close ATTN, to what these 4 revelations ALL have in common.

This is key to understanding the message.

You'll see how deranged our home is AND the way this vile, greedy, selfish world treats us in this preposterous "prison planet"

1 The United States of America is an insane place, ( uh, YEAH!!) where you can, in a few areas, with the correct permits, legally carry and conceal a gun, while the 2nd amendment is fraudulent, or ignored by our all-inclusive friendly government,

but risk imprisonment should anyone see your genitals.

2 We live in a world where, under the banner of free speech, YouTube permits videos calling for racism, sexism, and homophobia &, don't forget ALL the VIOLENCE!

but Facebook censors a mother breastfeeding?

3 We live in a world where “Mature” video games like Grand Theft Auto entertain children with fantasies of murdering innocents,

while a game showing a nipple for a split second earns a much stricter “Adult” rating.

4 We live in a world where the Westboro Baptist Church can rally at a gay soldier’s funeral with signs that read “God Hates Fags” as police stand idly by,

but should a man or woman show up in nothing but the body we are all born into, they would promptly get arrested for indecency.

I have seen thousands of pictures of BOTH sexes, yet I fail to see what is "INDECENT"

on EITHER of us!!

It's very daunting and dismal that we are ALL here in this sad, heartbreaking, bleak existence with corrupt, greedy, and power hungry, MISLEADING leaders who condone dangerous activities, while at the same time, will arrest you for activities that DO NOT HURT, AFFECT, INJURE, or HARM YOU /ANYONE in any way!!

You may not be as "happy" as Nick here!

Accompany me as we peruse each, one at a time.

1 -- Some info pertaining to guns, carrying, 2nd amendment

Depending on location and various laws, you may carry it in full view.

If you conceal it though, then you are subject to fines, court, and jail or prison.

Heres the kicker!

If you decide to follow the regulations, and carry it in FULL view, LEGALLY, PIGS still may arrest YOU!

Below, you will observe what a cop said to me

As a security officer, I had my 357, and while discussing this issue of open carry with one of those famous PIGS, he said, generally

"I'll find a reason to arrest you!"

Now, do you see the conundrum?


maybe the paradox?

Carry it in view, LEGALLY,


still risk being arrested just as the GUNG HO & ABOVE THE LAW officer had stated, ARREST

while drawing attention to yourself.