You want an absolute answer? It just depends

Updated: Jan 10


Be sure to grab that beverage before you even begin, as this is the longest post I have ever done! and while youre at it, maybe you should grab a snack? Up to YOU!

So, 1 day, when Beck, a "guy" I know, informed me that the correct answer is always.....

What do you think?

You mean the answer to EVERY question?

I wasn't exactly sure what he meant, and thus I also wasn't sure if I believed him, cause he might just be yanking my chain, so I challenged him quite extensively.

You should listen to our convo, and tell me what you think, as he explains:

"Are you serious, Beck?

Ok, let's start simple:

Are you male or female?"

So, Im still in the dark, does that mean your Male, or the other one?

"Well, it depends on what time it is."


The time?

What's that got to do with it?"

"Well, over 90% of the time, I'm a babe!

But a fraction of the time, I'm a dude!"


"Yeah, and also when I see my dad!"

"Uhm, and what time would that be?"

"It could be anytime!"


Then, how do you know or keep track of the time?"

"Oh, it doesn't matter. And he never calls me a FEmale."

"Oh yeah, cuz at that time you are male?

I think?"

"NO! Im NEVER a FEmale!"

"Wait a minute! Didn't you just say that most of the time you are?"

"No! I never said FEmale!

I'm a woman!"

"So, lets see if I got this straight, because you are confusing the fuck outta me here! you are NOT a FEmale, but a woman instead?"

"You got it!"


Hold on!