It's Weird How I Am Opposite In MY Life

Updated: Feb 5

I explain my rationale so you can interpret my belief.

Especially if you think of ME!

I have found that the various characteristics and traits I can't offer, compels many to seek alternatives. It seems they want qualities which are always contrary to mine. It's never what I am, nor what I can offer. I truly feel whatever I am, everyone wants the reverse of my attributes.

As you slowly scrutinize my list, you may comprehend my point more effectively.

World on the LEFT & ME on the right!!

People want, need, or seek But, I am actually:

Females and couples Man

are 1st choice, then trannys,

but men are always last on list

Hetero & Homo Both—I am Bisexual

We are being erased

Top mainly, rarely a bottom Oral

Young sweet female Old guy

I love twinks but ONLY Old guys want me!

I like men AND women Only guys contact me

But NO one is interested and always the OLD ones

in Bi-guys, definitely NOT females!

Sub females ALL the time! Sub Male, way too many!

A cent a dozen

CLOTHING (Entire world!!) NEWD!!

Guys, not sure what type,

prefer a wannabe fake female with a cock but not bisexual men, understand that?

Not me!

They would rather have an actual guy pretending to be female, than a real man!

Too fucking freaky for me!

WOW!! I must be looking in the mirror!

Female rope bottoms. Male rope bottom

(rope bunnys)

Male rope tops


Read Fiction Write NON-fiction

ALWAYS BOOKS!!! I write articles