Us good hearted, get taken by the wretch

Updated: Mar 27

When we get asked by the wretch for a few bucks or a meal as, "we have not eaten for days now" they will tell us, we may not see a problem with sacrificing a few bucks for a fellow human. Unfortunately, they will see us as a sucker and feel their way for taking us for even more. Much, much more!!!

You can see just how far and how much they will push and push you until they get as much as they can out of you. Twenty lousy bucks for fast food is chump change to them, once they see how kind you are, they will extract you for all you got.

Listen to yet another hard rough lesson added to the books, as I relay how they operate. Smooth as silk and empathize to you while they appear to understand and pull you right into their trap.

Wish I could remember this, I would be much better off

After meeting with a prospective colleague, I should have just gone home calling it a day. I am not always thinking with the best head, though. It's about six pm, dark out and not quite ready to just go home and just sit around. I decide to venture to the spa to unwind a bit. After I get there, the bags I have are a bit too many for a locker, so I have second thoughts about the spa. I go outside the entrance and use the phone to look for a bnb. As I am out there, two vermin are eyeing me. They see me outside with my phone and are sizing me up for their move.

This is the precise point where you do NOT make any eye contact, as they will use that for their advantages to reel you right in. They finally make their move and at some point they say that they haven't eaten for a day or so, and ask for some funds for just that.

Here is right where I should have just cut them off and my life would not have changed for the worst. The 2 of them, two guys who are a match, and I are trying to decide what to get. They want to go to Mcd's so we must walk a ways across the commercial center to the opposite side. I end up spending $20 on the three of us.

This should have been the end!

TIP 1 - If you do anything at all, stop while you are ahead of this game.

Instead, they keep reeling me in further and tell me they can grab a ball for $60.


A ball?

That price seems way too damn steep for a ball.