MAY - Week 3 - Kindness - Letter to myself

This was another challenge on the site I was on previously. It was to write a letter to your past self. I actually did a decent job. This was also fun to do.

Can you imagine writing a letter to your younger self?

The info you could have shared with yourself!

Stocks to buy,

preventing bad things from occurring, etc.

Well, lets go!

Dear Teen Chris,

I am writing this to you now because I have gotten a 2nd chance to make my life better. I am you, 3 decades into the future!

Yes, THE YEAR 2020!

But I am already here!

I know you are getting ready to turn 20, cause it's our birthday on the 21st.

That's this coming Thursday! - May 21, 2020. I am getting so dam old.

Just forget about 2k, that was 20 years ago! That's long gone for me.

I know you think this is total bullshit, but listen to me and listen good, RIGHT NOW!!

Your, (or my), ok, OUR life will be beyond fucking AWESOME if you just listen to me right now.

Can you imagine knowing the future, which stocks to buy, or which property at what time, etc?

In a few months, you will get the fuck out of the military, I know you hate all the bullshit they have put us through. Just remember it was all worth it. You get some well-needed benefits, that we can't live without. I need to lecture you about school. Get to school right away and study your ass off!

Don't wait!

I know you don't have any idea what to major in yet. You need to study writing. In your future, there will be computers and they have pretty much-taken everything over. Don't worry, not literally, but everyone uses them and they will be in everyone's house. In 95, there will be a new program called windows and it will pave the way for things to come. You will work from home writing on a wide array of topics if you know how to write well.

As I try to type my blogs

Also, familiarize yourself with law, I finally decided to get my AAS degree in CJ.


You don't know what CJ is?

Its Criminal Justice!

But since you have loads of time now, get a BS in law or writing. That way you will make something out of us when you are my age.

I have so damn much to tell you, I just don't know what to say next.

Since I know your future, there is something VERY IMPORTANT that you NEED to do. On the very 1st day of November 1995, you need to protect dad from her ex. By that time he will be with "Angel bitch" You will know what I am talking about when you meet her.

Protect him at ALL COSTS,

no matter whos arguing,

no matter who tells you to leave, you need to be there if you ever want to see him again.

That's all I can say. I am forbidden from giving you too many details of your future. Don't worry, the rest of the family is still ok.

There is something else I need to inform you about. I know you have been confused about who to be with. You need to go with your true heart and not give a fuck about what people think of you.

Do you realize that is the very thing pushing people away from you?!