LAUGH - #14

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Do you ever feel like while everyone around you is laughing, you're not?

While everyone else laughs, I NEVER do, as I NEVER have a reason to.

It really must be nice to have a reason to laugh!!

I'm at a party and everyone is laughing,

but on the inside, I am crying.

On a mountain top, the other hikers are laughing,

but on the inside, I am hurt.

At a pool party, everyone is laughing,

But on the inside I am disappointed.

On a ship, everyone is laughing, including me on the outside,

but on the inside I am frightened.

At a wedding, everyone is laughing, and having fun,

but on the inside, I am angry

At a BBQ, everyone is laughing, and having a great time together,

but on the inside, I am impassioned

Now, while driving to California , everyone else is going to visit their family members and smiling while they laugh all the way to Uncle Rob's place,

But on the inside, I am very pissed off because I had planned to take my BF to a concert, but alas, during this beyond ridiculous plannedemic total fiasco, the 1st concert in a very LONG time, was of course, postponed far into the next year all the way into May!!

Give me a reason to be happy at all!

Now, since the concert NEVER ever happened at all, ANY other plans have been halted, because of this eternal bullshit with this fake assinine SCAMdemmic.

Then couple that with NO MORE BF ever, you then have me NEVER EVER to have ANY reason at all to EVER laugh, smile or even chuckle EVER again!!

You cry and you cry alone- if you laugh the world laughs with you.

OIC now. I completely understand why I have been so lonely every time I cry MY ENTIRE miserable life!

Love you BOTH,


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