Remember back to your first childhood memory when you were just a little child and your 1st day of kindergarten was today?

and you must go to school now!

You had to leave your parents for the very 1st time.

But you learned and grew from it.

What about when you left high school to go off to that huge university?

You had to leave because you needed to grow again and you had to go to the next step in your growth.

Then you finally made friends at college, just about the time you attained your degree, but then you must what again?......

....Yes, leave college behind, but acquired some knowledge from more than just a book. 

So when you leave, you grow,

at the same time, there are people that come into your life for a particular purpose, to help you grow to learn, and then they must move on and leave you to the lesson they taught you. They're not meant to stay,

So when a person leaves, to go away, don't make them stay,

try to learn so you can tackle another day.

**Case in point:**

I had a dom whom I idolized.

I would have done whatever he instructed because I figured I could trust him.

But one day I woke up and finally saw the light!

I saw he wasn't perfect like I thought.

I finally saw him for what he really was and he was no longer my dom.

He wasn't the cleanest or the most worthy of my time.

But he taught me some things.

So the fact that he was able to teach me certain knowledge and "LEAVE,"

means that he taught me what I was supposed to learn and it was time for him to move on to his next step in life, and LEAVE.

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