Let others know you're BISEXUAL?

We have a dilemma to ponder.

Put BI on your profile, being honest with yourself and others? OR Inform them you are Hetero or Homo, being dishonest from the start?

After reading, The pros and cons of BISEXUALITY it gives four pros and six cons of indicating your actual sexuality on your profiles..

Six vs four? That's already discouraging.

Since I like to depart on a positive note, we'll start with the cons first.


Under these, the six are basically the same. No one is interested if you are forthright with others, including dating or even if you already have a romantic partner. If you are keeping it secret, dating is challenging. The only other con is that you (NEVER me) will get propositioned for threesomes. Of course, if this is appealing, then it is really a pro for you.


You never have to be concerned with the "coming out" dilemma. Your date already is aware of your orientation. This means they are still interested and just fine with you. Showing you are self-confident about who you are, this may even attract more quality people to you.

Now, saving the BEST for last, the other PRO, is attracting other BI people.

This is my dream!

If I ever came across a BI babe, I would never let her go!

Can you imagine ALL the fun times we could have together?

Is is rare that BISEXUALS will actually reject others of their same inclination, as indicated in my BISEXUALS love us BOTH, but it can happen.

In being honest, I will say that I always put BI on my profiles, however, I have not been dating since I cant find interested parties of either sex.

MEN are usually looking for sex, never love.

WOMEN NEVER ever look in my direction or even know that I exist. They don't give me the time of day. Also, there may be a modicum that are actually into BISEXUAL men, but MOST are repulsed by us, BI GUYS. So keep this in mind too.


Love you BOTH,


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