LIGHT - 16

In the past, I did not see what was right in front of my eyes.

It was difficult to see the TRUE LIGHT at first.

I met a guy at a party and we eventually became good friends. In fact, not just a friend but a FWB, (Friend With Benefits.)

He taught me some very important lessons including the one he didn't realize he taught me. So, in time, he became a good mentor for me, while also looking out and protecting me too. He became my Dom the way he was keeping me under his wing.

I was almost infatuated with him.

In fact, if he would have said run nude in the streets there is a good chance I might have done it. I trusted him almost implicitly. After all, he was there for me in the pool the very day after we had met at the party. He was comforting me when I was vulnerable and needed someone the most. It was then when I knew I could trust him because he promised he would help me because he felt that no one else would. That's mainly why he stepped in. He helped me when everyone else turned their backs on me.

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