Learn to love our earthly vessel!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Big happy proud and unashamed family

Do you observe sex above?

Didn't think so. Then you better comprehend sex has nothing to do with nudity.

2 completely different topics.

Yes, of course I am speaking about our beautiful bodies. They are what we inhabit while we are together on this planet. Unfortunately, it is the first item most shallow people judge us on all the time.

It is our unfortunate reality that people see us as beautiful or ugly based solely on our outer appearance. I have even read that if 2 women apply for the same job, most of the time the prettier of the two would be the one that gets the job regardless of their qualifications.

Would you rather see the skinny hot blond or the overweight brunette as the receptionist?

Remember that you are walking into an attorney’s or doctor’s office. Some think it seems to just give a better impression to prospective clients.

You realize that if we placed more emphasis on what’s inside, we would be in a much more accepting world.

Another point to consider, if we all could just accept others for who we all are,

We would not even need clothes!

But since the clothing industry would absolutely flop and go by the wayside, this will never happen. It won’t happen because too many narrow-minded people will always equate the wrong things together.

Which two things am I talking about?

C’mon you know,

nudity and………

Why is SEX so forbidden if its so enjoyable?

SEX of course!

Yes, sex, the very pleasurable experience that we are forbidden to do by law, for some unknown reason. If you do not agree, just try to do it outside in public or pay for it. You will not be going back home if you get caught.

Anatole France said it best when he said,

“Religion has done love a great service by making it a sin.” Love and sex are both forbidden.

Why is that?

While keeping an open mind, ask yourself why clothes are really necessary.

The only valid logical reason is to protect yourself from elements like rain and snow when its too cold and for some, the sun, which is why sunscreen is always available. They also serve, to some extent, to keep seats sanitary.


I will try to predict what your answers will be:

“I’m too (insert adjective here) and my (body part) are too small.”

or simply