MAY '20 - Week #2 Mind, BODY, & Soul

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Today we will discuss our body.

And furthermore, today's word is SKIN

WE ALL should be this comfortable and fulfilled!

My message to you now:


Our body is something that should be respected as well as revered, yet in reality, it gets nothing more than gawking, and shocked looks and some will actually get angry?..... if you ever were to wear my favorite uniform.

My favorite?

My birthday suit!

I wear mine with TOTAL pride!

Those are exactly the looks I would get, not to mention an expensive night in jail, and a record for the rest of my life!

All for what?

For wearing what I was born with?


Yes, being a nudist, I completely enjoy being "open and free!"


Yes, "open and free" is how I say NUDE because that's exactly how it feels!

We were ALL born nude, there are NO exceptions!

So why is it that we ALL must hide "ourTRUEselves" & bodies from the world?

Seriously, WTF are we ever going to abolish this absurd embarrassment & shame?


Furthermore, WTF do so many immature puritans link so much sex with our NATURAL attire we were ALL born with?

"Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them."

~ Mark Twain ~

We ALL need to unite AND wear our "natural" suits with complete PRIDE!

Even though I have said it, time and time again, I will say it again for the record.

1 - The human body is beautiful,

both genders having their own inherent beauty and an amazing "machine", that regenerates, heals, protects, and gets rid of unneeded materials from itself. Truly remarkable!

2 - Now listen up!


So I ask, what is the big secret and why are we hiding if we already know what's there?

Most of the time it's because, aside from the ridiculous asinine laws, we aren't confident in ourselves. A hard fact is that we are harder on ourselves than others are.

I am too tall, too small, too fat, too short, too....the list is endless.

It's always something!

Real bodies are beautiful.

Love your body and love yourself!

Be proud of what you have!

NOT ashamed!