May 20 - Week #3 - Theme is Kindness - Gift Day

Today is Gift day? The theme is Kindness.

Ok, now I got it. You want to be kind to me for this week and since it's my birthday on Thursday, you want to get me a gift.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ok, no problem.

But you don't know what to get me?

Well, since you don't know me well, I should probably give you some ideas then.

Hmm, this is a tough one.

I don't really need anything in particular, but, hey, if you really want to get me something special that I will really love and cherish forever, you can give me......

......the extra special gift of TIME!

YOU & ME having fun together!

That's right!

Since I NEVER have any real friends that spend this with me at all, spending the day with me would put me on cloud 9.

Don't get me a new Ferrari, (well if you really want to?)

Ok, Ill reconsider! You can get me this one!

or a diamond ring that can get lost or damaged. Just spend your time with me. It will be way better than how I normally spend it.

My love language is Quality Time with special people so gifts are NOT my cup of tea.

We can go do anything!

I am always open for suggestions!

Just the fact that you will be spending, NOT $$$$, but something far more valuable!


We could ....

Go out and grab a drink and shoot the shit,


sit down to dinner and speak in relaxed tones to get to know each other better.

Sitting down with my friends - having a great TIME! My BEST gift!