Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Awwww, the memories.

Who doesn't love to reminisce?

Especially the childhood memories.

I mean,

who doesn't want to be a kid again?

Different time.

Different world.

It was much better and much safer in those days.

It was a time when you could ride your bike around the neighborhood and you didn't have to worry about any strangers picking you up or the wrong people even being in your neighborhood.

Just about the very 1st memory I have is when I met my 1st best friend.

He was on 24th Street, and me?

I was on 25th.

We couldn't be anymore than 4. We were so young.

So our backyards met, and we saw each other and introduced ourselves at the short fenceline.

You would never guess what happened next.

Best friends! and we have the SAME NAME!!??

After he informed me of his name, I was thinking,

Well how about that?

We got the same name!

Who would have ever guessed?

A chance in a million!

Our new friendship was born.

Oh, but that was just the very beginning.

The memories of the antics we got ourselves into......were plentiful.

After we met, we were always riding our bikes around together. Whenever the volunteer fire dept siren would sound, we would ride them so fast so we could see the fire engines come out of the firehouse. After that was over, we mostly played around the railroad tracks. We were not the safest cans in the pack. But first, we had to get there, and I remember there was a deep ravine we had to cross. We both had our bikes but had to get a good head start to get across. It was challenging but if we got enough speed we could do it.


We made it!

Where to? The END?? Of what? TIME!

When we finally got to the tracks we started our fun and dangerous antics. We did all kinds of playing around them and came close to even getting into trouble. We were doing everything from being under the tracks waiting for an engine to come by, all the way up to putting pennies on the tracks.

We were under them one day and he was surprised since he noticed that it was a big engine in which he said,

"Oh, man no way! You didn't tell me it was one of those huge engines that could make you deaf!" so we got away just in the nick of time.

Then he showed me the trick of putting pennies on the track and we all know how it gets squashed and distorted by the passing train.

So he had me put something on the track,

and what did I do?

I was all GUNG HO and put a railroad tie on the track.

Then he saw what it was that I had put on the track and then he said,

"Oh, man no way! That's way too big, it will derail the train and we will get into tons of trouble! Get it off there!"

Leave it up to me to do something not only crazy but stupid too. I was figuring that a huge massive engine could easily pulverize a little railroad tie like a splinter.

But that's me, going above and beyond.