Good evening, on this beautiful night, that is a MAJOR relief to me!

I really feel that I was resuscitated after receiving my call of relief.

The reason being, I was so down and depressed that joining my eternally resting family, even crossed my mind.

What is so bad, that warrants this type of action, you may be asking?

Did he actually GHOST me? Maybe Im wrong?

Well, even though you may disagree, my BF ghosting me is a totally valid reason. However, before I get too far ahead of you, perhaps I better fill you in on my very dismal week.

So first, flashback to the 2nd, on Monday he and I were texting and I wasn't being as mature and respectful, as I should have been. So all in all, after I had texted some very idiotic messages.....,

Before I continue, I MUST stop and declare, 1 MAJOR lesson I learned was:


This very fatuous action is a very asinine way to communicate. I have even read some of the ridiculous texts that I have sent this way, and even I am like, WTF??

Furthermore, I have even been asked if english is my primary language after they read some of my previous writing. So now, I have definitely learned to STOP this.

Be sure to learn and grow from your mistakes

Getting back to my story,

he was angry about my witless texts and the LAST thing he said was,

"That's not true."

I wasn't even entirely sure what he was referring to. So you could probably imagine, my week has been more than bleek, sad, dismal and even a little scary too, believing that I had lost him, the only one I have ever cared for, because of his total silence.

especially if I lost HIM

After these last 5 days, I was beginning to wonder if perhaps he ghosted me. After all, since that night, I have NOT ever heard even the slightest peep from him. I had sent him an email yesterday and then even tried calling him today only to get his voicemail, thinking he was purposely ignoring me, so I left a message hoping to hear from him.

I was feeling extremely scared and hopeless because.......

A very frightening experience that I NEVER want again.


NOW tonight, the 7th, finally my prayers were actually answered, very unusual!!

This is why I wanted to spread my exuberance and tell you about the extra special phone call I got....


MY BF!!!.....I was completely enraptured and relieved to finally hear his distinctive ring tone. Hearing that gave me new HOPE and a MAJOR feeling of RELIEF, since it told me it was HIM!!!!

Like it? NO I LOVE it! MY feeling of elation!