My Expensive Valuable Lesson

Updated: Feb 21

I will tell you about a lesson I learned as I was coming back from Germany after the war I was in. It was approximately March '91 right after I was coming back from serving in Desert Storm.

Yeah, I was Mr. Billy Badass, that's me, being hardened and seasoned from going to war.

Yeah right!! 

How NOT true that was!

A whopping 3 months!

January - March 1991

Yeah, you don't get hardened and seasoned in only 3 lousy months. 

I was still a naïve dumbshit that always trusted people way too fucking much.

I have been too trusting my entire life.

When will I ever learn?

Prob the day I die - not a moment sooner!

But I have learned from my experience coming home on this day, long ago.

1st lesson is to be careful in foreign cities.

Foreign, meaning cities other than your home.

Some history for you 1st,

I had gotten called back to active duty in Jan '91, because they discharged me in May '90, less than a year ago. Then, only about 6 months later, the ground war broke out in January. They called me and about 20k other guys up because we were IRR, (that's Individual Ready Reserve.) When you sign up for the bullshit military you obligate yourself for 8 years total, so after my initial 3 years was up in May 90, I still had another 5 years to go, in IRR.

Of course, as you are well aware, females didn't have to go to war!

So next time you may say or ask me,

Are females equal to men?


If they were equal, then they should or WOULD do EXACTLY what guys do.

There was one, I heard on the news, that flat out refused to go!

She was even in a unit. So she should have gone in long before I did.  But we all know they cant go in. They always say that they want to be equal but then they figure out ways they shouldn't have to do certain things. So they're never equal when it counts. 

I was a civilian anyway, not in any way affiliated with the goddamn army, while SHE was in a unit already!

"Oh, you won't ever get called up, that's nearly impossible" I always heard.

Yeah, leave it up to me,

what are the chances, right?

I will also disclose that back in the 80s when I was originally in,  it was basically a sissy army because when I was in during peacetime, the only things they worried about me doing was,

shining the old boots,

early morn PT, (Physical training),


uniform pressed nice and flat with starch,


oh yeah,

don't let me forget about the shaving I had to do EVERY single solitary day.

Every single solitary day! I need a break!

So they were not worried about training us how to fight or anything else related to actual war. They were more concerned with us looking "pretty."

Don't forget, this is the army that takes away a drill sergeant's hat for making a PVT stand in a perfectly clean trash can.

It was no longer the days of going into the army and coming out a green beret like the Vietnam days long before!

So getting back to March 91, before I ramble till next year,