My Expensive Valuable Lesson

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

I will tell you about a lesson I learned as I was coming back from Germany after the war I was in. It was approximately March '91 right after I was coming back from serving in Desert Storm.

Yeah, I was Mr. Billy Badass, that's me, being hardened and seasoned from going to war.

Yeah right!! 

How NOT true that was!

A whopping 3 months!

January - March 1991

Yeah, you don't get hardened and seasoned in only 3 lousy months. 

I was still a naïve dumbshit that always trusted people way too fucking much.

I have been too trusting my entire life.

When will I ever learn?

Prob the day I die - not a moment sooner!

But I have learned from my experience coming home on this day, long ago.

1st lesson is to be careful in foreign cities.

Foreign, meaning cities other than your home.