My formal intro to you, my loyal readers

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Thank you for joining me and showing an interest in learning more about me.

I would like to begin by declaring that,

I am who I am, proud of who I am and certainly don't hide who I am.


I live by,

NO one can EVER make ME feel inferior without MY explicit consent, at all!

I have blatant self-confidence and always exude this through my demeanor and personality. I am the same person in front of my family, co-workers, friends, and every other kind accepting soul that is gracious enough to allow me into their lives and accepts me for both my strengths and as well as my faults.

I am a avid writer that has been exploring my hobby and passion for a few years and will continue to hone my skills so that I can communicate better with you, my fabulous readers. My verbal communication is sometimes lacking in tact and tone, as I have come across harsh, direct, and very blunt offending a lot of you. In writing, I can slow down, think of the proper vocabulary, and edit until I achieve the correct tone to come across properly. I will inform you that on my site, you are the most important to me, as without readers, there would be no one reading my thoughts and feelings. In light of this fact, I welcome ANY and ALL comments and feedback.





since I appreciate your valuable time perusing my material. I am making a sincere effort to improve my writing as well as myself, so if I may humbly request your patience with my present faults, it would mean a lot to me. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

I am having an arduous time getting into the proper niche as I have been writing on TABOO & controversial topics such as nudism, as well as dabbling in sexuality, limiting my scope and not being able to show my skills on other more popular topics to prospective employers. All site members have the privilege of suggesting new topics that I will try my utmost to produce into posts.

For a few months, I challenged myself by entering a writing challenge on FL that gave me a daily word that I wrote about. I composed some exemplary writings that I am very proud of. Keep your eye out for these. I have gained this website so I have total freedom on what I display on it. It comprises all my material and will give you an excellent idea of my skills, which are always being improved.

I am attempting to attain a career in the proper area of writing so that I can support myself with my passions.

Is it your dream of doing something you enjoy while making the lifeblood of the economy?

After all, if you enjoy what you are doing, you never work a day in your life, right?

Before I close, I just want to inform you that I am working diligently to come across in the proper respectful manner, while also being confident in my material. I don't hold back, however I don't want to offend you either. If I do happen to do this, please bring it to my immediate attention and I will edit my work so that you can take comfort in reading it again. I have initiated a new category, my rants of confusion. If you are courageous enough to dive into these, please be strong and don't take offense, as these will probably have tones of anger. Take it with a grain, and allow me to vent. Again, remember ALL comments are encouraged and appreciated. Also if you may have a different take on a subject, you may teach me something, as I wont cease learning until I am beyond this place.

I have some strong views on my passionate topics. I am very logical and also very analytical in my thinking. If you can't prove yourself right or prove me wrong, then I highly doubt you will change my mind.

But please try, as I always love a great challenge!

It shows us where our true limits are.

Please feel free to converse with me anytime about anything. I make it a point to reply ASAP!

If I don't hear from you, please enjoy my vast array of categories on a wide spectrum of topics.


Christopher Jeremiah

Please accept my friendship, because