MY Lil Mimi left me tonight eternally!

Updated: Mar 11

I will NEVER forget the 1 night in Oct '10, THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!


Heres why....

I received MY very own special little daughter.

You mean me? or MIMI? Im Mimi!

When she arrived she was so nervous and scared, as she just left an adoption agency and now she tried to evade 2 studs, that would not stop bothering her.

I held out my hands so she would come to me if she was being bothered by them.

I was really frightened, until my new daddy gave me a loving home.

Well, since her ONLY life for the 1st 5 years was horrible, being viciously abused by an evil, vile fucking piece of total shit!!....It took her a while to warm up to me, yet once our bond was sealed tight, it was the strongest bond EVER!!.......



My Lil Mimi ALWAYS behaved beyond my expectations. She NEVER needed a leash, she was always close by. EVEN when I couldn't see her, she was always near & also very dear to me. Every time I saw her, I ALWAYS saw the genuine love inside her, as it ALWAYS shined through. I could always see it in her eyes, so loving and loyal, her sincere child like innocence, made her so very precious, and always with her, she NEVER lost it!!! I could always tell she had a genuine fondness for me, because she NEVER forgot the day I took her into my loving home and rescued her forever more!!!

Would you let me sleep with you daddy?

From that day forward, she was MY ONLY adopted daughter I ever had in my life.

I could not resist her precious lil face.

She was my only purpose for being here, while I intended to give her the,

BEST LIFE I COULD EVER GIVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you comfy, my lil daughter, Mimi?

Therefore, I would NEVER allow her to endure any more pain & abuse, as long as I was still here!!

She was MY ONLY special little princess.