My story of, My "Lil" Mimi & How I rescued her

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Her sitting up on her hind legs asking for treats
Please Daddy, may I please?

Have you ever fostered or adopted a little girl or boy?

Well, one day in October 2010, my wife, Eve, had two studs, Sammy and Kimbro. Since 2 was not enough she had decided to foster a little girl also. When she was brought home, she was so tiny about, 15 pounds at the most, only 5 years old, and, as you can imagine, frightened beyond words. Apparently her name was Minerva, and I welcomed her to our new home with open arms.

She was overwhelmed since the two of them were running all around trying to catch and sniff her. She couldn't hide from them as she was just as big, or actually small, as they were. I tried putting my hand out to let her know to come to me if she was being bothered. She, however, wasn't ready to come to me just yet and kept trying to get away. I was confused as to why she wouldn't come.