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Updated: Jan 11

This is a podcast I collaborated with Mr. Joe De Luca in May '20 speaking about the lethal deadly virus that everyone is so completely paranoid over while it's controlling the entire planet. He was gracious enough to interview me discussing the causes of the virus and possible plausible origins.

Weird! I thought these fucking masks are to HELP us! NOT HARM us!

It just totally blows my mind beyond comprehension how a primitive life form smaller than bacteria with absolutely NO brain and NO intelligence or decision making ability, is literally controlling this entire planet!!

Do you even comprehend how mind - boggling this is?

This is just way beyond my perception!!

Perhaps I should post the extensive piece I wrote about this very topic.

There are more than a couple theories on the origins of this antagonist.

1- possibly here to annihilate a portion of the population.

2- Payback for our blatant disregard for species we made extinct here.


Perhaps last,

how about if there is a possibility that there is actually

NO virus AT ALL!

Can you wrap your head around this little gem?

I feel, after all that I have learned about this minute life form, and ALL the govt conspiracy, dishonesty, hidden agendas, power hungry leaders, and much more we are not even privy to, it is MORE than possible.

There are the freethinkers who know this is a plannedemic, or maybe even a scamdemic, but certainly NOT a pandemic!!

Then in opposition to the ones who can think for themselves, are the majority of this bleak weak planet, the ever famous, SHEEPLE.

Is that you?

These are those who always,

are unable to think for themselves,

listen to govts implicitly, and without question or hesitation,

love to wear the required muzzles


will be led straight to the slaughter someday soon!!

Be sure to have fun with that when that day comes!


Numbers have been misleading AND purposely increased.