My new situation has broken me!

Updated: Feb 4

She is ALL these rolled into 1!

I am reaching out to you ALL as long as you can believe in me.

I have been accused of a crime by a very evil, vile vindictive one and I am really at a loss what I can/should do at this point.

It is my sincere and honest belief she is paranoid delusional, as she claims that previous neighbors have recorded her through walls at a previous residence. Now she has transferred these delusions to me.

She claims:

I am recording her through walls, just as her previous neighbors.

I follow her around her apartment. She goes into her bedroom; I go into my bedroom. And we can't forget, I am stalking her?

Yes, paranoid delusional, like I have nothing better to do than to occupy my time with you and your life.

So, she has now pulled me into her own miserable existence to ruin the FUCK out of MY life!

She has:

turned off my power multiple times, like around 7-8 now.

vandalized my car


ASSAULTED ME with a 2x4 stick gotten from HER car!!

Constantly harasses me for months now!

Made judge forbid me from returning to my own place!!

What kind of evil drives her to this crazy vengeful, vindictive end?

Difficult to keep A/C on, fucked up my car, & much more!