MY ONLY BIO for MY style of writing

Updated: Mar 30

I call it this, as it is the ONLY Bio I need.

I am who I am, proud of who I am, so I NEVER hide who I am.

Who am I?

The TABOO topic writer about forbidden subjects with controversial themes.

I am the TABOO Topic Writer that pursues ANY challenging endeavor that continues to expand and intensify my current portfolio. Any new projects I undertake enhance my current abilities to reinforce my knowledge as I develop & expand my expertise.

I create BOTH articles & blogs on TABOO topics, with forbidden subjects. Topics others may be too timid to even attempt are my forte.

My prevailing topics are:




I have enough blatant confidence in myself being who I am in front of my family, co-workers, friends, and everyone else that allows me into their lives while accepting me for both my strengths and my faults.

I have been exploring my hobby for a while now, continuing to hone my skills in communicating better with you, my wonderful readers. My verbal communication is lacking as I can come across harsh and direct offending some of you. In writing, I can slow down, think of a better way to convey my thoughts using proper vocabulary, and edit until I achieve the correct tone to come across properly to all of you.

I have an arduous time getting into the proper niche, as I have been writing on controversial subjects such as nudism and sexuality. This has limited my writing not being able to show my true skills on other topics to prospective employers.

For a few months (March through May, '20) I challenged myself by entering a writing challenge on a website that gave us a word every day that we had to write about. There were some exemplary writings that I composed I am very proud of.

I have attained my own website,

so I have total freedom with what I display on it.

It comprises all my work and will give you an excellent idea of my skills.

Is your dream, doing something you enjoy while making the lifeblood of the economy?