MY rights are not even considered, I will show you.

Ok, I just know that you're burning with intense desire to submerge yourself into this NOW!!

But FIRST, you must inundate yourself with the prequel, because "it depends" on if you want to absorb the info here. That way this wonderful piece will make much more sense to you in greater depth.

Lets begin with my brain jolting experience,

I just have to share with you, what happened when my caring, thoughtful, foresightful local pigs explained the ol emergency concept to me.

YOU are just going to LOVE this!!!

Makes you wonder if your pigs are the same way, similar priorities, perhaps?

They informed me that someone who is NOT even bothering you, NOT affecting you, and NOT even harming or hurting your property, kids or pets, who may not even see you,

IS an emergency!?