My Ultimate Rope Fantasy

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I cant right now, I'm a little tied up.

This is my all-time favorite fantasy about being tied down to the bed spread eagle with both feet and hands tied to the 4 corners of the bed, involving different people each having a unique task to perform.

Your function is to do none other than,

Guess which character I am.

Young at heart, Ricky enjoyed being tied down and used for pleasure.

His birthday was coming up and being his 21st, it was going to be very special.

Sam, his best friend of over 10 years, knew something of Ricky's fetishes and forbidden fantasies. He wanted him to have a very special birthday this year being his 21st. He already planned something very special for a "one of a kind" surprise. He needed help from at least five others to make it totally fucking exceptional. He just happened to be house sitting for relatives, so he knew he had to make his fantasy come true on Saturday night on the 21st of April. The master bedroom had plenty of space, about 200 sq ft, Sam arranged his friends to help with the scene. It was going to be perfect.

This was less of a challenge since Ricky was bisexual and was open to both. Sam remembered that Ricky loved being restrained with rope, but he never got to explore this particular fetish. Sam knew just the guy to help with this very kink. He called his old friend from high school, who just studied rigging, the art of tying rope for 8 years, He would call his rigger friend first before anyone else.

Todd, his rigger friend, being a hot stud completely smooth all over except for the hair on his head and some minimal pubic hair, was a mutual friend of both Sam and Ricky. They knew Todd from high school over 8 years ago, and he wanted very much to be a part of Ricky's special party after hearing about it from Sam. He was going to be perfect since Ricky loved younger, sweeter, smoother guys. Todd loved the idea of tying him up for his special day.

Christopher and Christine, a married couple, that love to swing and being that she loves cock worship while he always gets into anal play, the two of them would give Ricky some intense pleasure that he would never forget.

Sam knew he just could not forget to have Carrie and Kathy over to gratify Ricky's feet. Both of them were in their 20s and loved feet with a passion. They were always asking Sam if they could massage his feet, since they had a foot fetish. Carrie loves to please toes orally, while Kathy was a masseuse by trade.

This was about to become a reality, but Sam couldn't bring everything together without more planning and experience. He had to consider someone with the organizing ability he needed. He knew of one guy who was not only good at organizing events, but was also very dominant.

Ken was the one that he immediately considered. Sam remembered him from an event he attended a few months back. When Sam asked him to come to the party, it just so happened that Ken also knew of Tammy, a lady friend of his, who loves to command guys to do many unique, crazy, and very kinky acts. Since they both knew what they were doing, Sam invited both just to be safe. Both of them would set the scene and oversee everything. They would run the show down to the finest detail.

If they say it, everyone better obey it!

Ricky's fantasy would not fail!

The big night is finally upon us and about 2 hours before Ricky's arrival, Ken and Tammy both show up right on time. After perusing the area, they both set the scene.

They brief everyone, so each one knows exactly what their assigned task is.

Before anyone touches anything,

The most important task is having Carrie and Kathy confirm everything is clean and sanitized while they prepare the massage oils.

Next, Todd sets up the ropes and ties the knots to prep everything.

Lastly, Chris and Christine get all the toys together.

They actually have 20 minutes to spare before the birthday boy arrives.

Ricky has a wild night ahead!

As Sam invites Ricky into the house at 9 pm, he feels a fresh breeze run through his hair. It's a perfect crisp evening of a beautiful 70 degrees F. He decides it's so lovely out that he can leave the windows open and let the delightful outside air fill the room with its ambiance. After Sam shows him around, they finally end up in the bedroom and Ricky notices ropes on the bed and asks about them.

Sylvester invites,

"Try them on?"