My sublime experience, you MUST try yourself!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Written by Christopher Jeremiah

"CJ, I really enjoyed my time with you, it was liberating being so respected!"

One Sunday, at church, I met a fine young lady whose open-mindedness inspired me to share an uncommon practice that is very dear to me. After she mentioned that she was open to trying other encounters, it delighted me to inform her I like to be,

“open and free” as often as I can, wishing I could have another to join me.

She was puzzled. 

I then expressed that it means being totally nude, as this is what it feels to be liberated without barriers and facades to others. I perform this as frequently as I can to be sincere, while also receptive to others, being unrestricted as much as possible. 

I am also open because I am my true genuine self, without artificial boundaries, barriers or masks that hide who I truly am, hence “open and free.”

I declared that this state is as natural as you can get, not in any way immoral, yet is also freeing, equalizing and honest. If mor