My sublime experience, you MUST try yourself!

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Written by Christopher Jeremiah

"CJ, I really enjoyed my time with you, it was liberating being so respected!"

One Sunday, at church, I met a fine young lady whose open-mindedness inspired me to share an uncommon practice that is very dear to me. After she mentioned that she was open to trying other encounters, it delighted me to inform her I like to be “open and free” as often as I can, wishing I could have another to join me.

She was puzzled. 

I then expressed that it means being totally nude, as this is what it feels to be liberated without barriers and facades to others. I perform this as frequently as I can to be sincere, while also receptive to others, being unrestricted as much as possible. I am also open because I am my true genuine self, without artificial boundaries, barriers or masks that hide who I truly am, hence “open and free.”

I declared that this state is as natural as you can get, not in any way immoral, yet is also freeing, equalizing and honest. If more of us would open up and be ourselves, we would be much happier people since we all could live by choice instead of being forced to live in conflict.

After all, if clothes make the person, then nudity makes us all more equal together. Very much to my pleasant surprise, it turns out that she, too, loves the freedom of nudity and on Friday, October 25th, 2019, after some slight hesitation, she decided to share my invigorating and liberating experience with me as well. She is more than able to comprehend the ecstasy of letting her false cloaks subside that we all must hide our genuine beauty within. The moment we both were without our mutual facades, we found pure bliss in the new state we were in together. I was absolutely enraptured and enchanted that she was the very 1st lady to join me in my authentic form.

Our first feeling was pure freedom and exhilaration!

It was a glorious experience to be totally free of the masks that hide who we truly are. We were overjoyed to let go of our own inhibitions that we all, unfortunately, have. If I may reiterate, she and I met in church, and came together as new friends, in a very open and respectful manner in which we were both vulnerable, shedding our insecurities and inhibitions. Our experience of exhilaration was executed properly with mutual admiration. We felt entirely at ease with each other, with the thought of shame not crossing our minds even negligibly. I would encourage you to step into this lifestyle gradually with whatever way you feel most comfortable while trying it for the first time. It is such a phenomenal feeling, words can not even explain it. I will, however, attempt to make you comprehend why you must try to be "open and free" with yourself and hopefully others in your life. 

Please be attentive, I will attempt my utmost to justify why you must try.

Our hearts raced at the simple freedom we felt inside as our awareness of the certainty of our similarities were revealed. We stood in awe of our pure ambiance. Our mutual space became a different place, much simpler, uncomplicated and free, whereby we both accepted each other for who we are. We both understood our nakedness is exquisite and alluring with absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It is so easy to comprehend why it is so liberating to be free of the restrictions of society. When you just let your guards down and finally just be you, the true you that has no protections in place to hide who you truly are, you expose the genuine, deep down person who people will accept. You will be elated to undergo a unique transformation that you will never, ever forget.

Step back and attempt to imagine making love without the physical aspect. You are sharing yourself while exposing your vulnerability. Your partner is doing the same for you. Once you share yourself with another, you can then, and only then, experience the genuine feeling that only tasteful nudity brings to your innermost spirit. It brings serenity to your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This can only occur on the deepest levels of your soul.

Have you ever experienced equality?

Have you ever stood next to a political figure or a doctor or even a lawyer in your life? 

Did you feel equal at all? 

You were aware of his immense knowledge of his particular specialty. You probably were apprehensive to even utter a single word! 

When you are totally nude, you are equal in every sense!

There is no arbitrary uniform to designate who has authority or power over another. There are strictly equal nudists who all have the same feelings and vulnerabilities as anyone does.

Imagine sitting in a room with an intimate group of people and being truthful with everyone about who you are. You apprise the small group about your deepest darkest secrets and perplexities, yet they still accept you for who you are and they feel the unavowed feelings that make you feel so vulnerable inside. 

With nudism, however, the only difference is that you are not conveying your enigmas in speech, but rather in an art form. The others who are around you are just as vulnerable as you, because our own bodies dissatisfy us more than it does others, in some aspects. Most of the time we are hard on ourselves, more so than others are. After the initial anxiety of the unveiling wears off, you are much more relaxed and you see that the other person is just as imperfect as you are.

We are all imperfect, this very fact makes us all unique, yet we are all the same.

We are both similar, yet unique

The male and female anatomy is very similar in nature, aside from the TABOO areas of our bodies. We all realize what we all have, and it is just a matter of different shapes and sizes. It is these two areas that seem to be the focus of attention. If we can get past such superficial nonsense like these and realize that none of us is perfect, which is the very essence of humanity, and just accept our brothers and sisters for who we all are, then we all could live in such a prosperous, much more accepting world. You cannot even fathom the allure and elegance we could all experience. If you look inside the individual, past the erroneous outer shell, and look at what really makes us all the good people we are, you will see what really is pertinent to your judgment of others. Judge, if you must, on their morality, character, beliefs, and values instead of their outer case, which has no impact on the elements that you should be interested in.

Oh, I will convey one more pertinent declaration before I hear any immature imbeciles and their ignorant remarks.

Do not think for an instant we are incapable or do not have the primal attraction to the opposite sex. Because we are both open to intimacy with partners of the same and/or opposite sex, it allows us to be open to intimacy with each other. The certitude that both sexes attract us, spiritually and also physically, is irrelevant when it pertains to nudism. Again, the practice of the nudism lifestyle is not a sexual agenda. It is freedom of self and appreciation of others that are of like minds.

True nudists grasp the difference between

“exposing themselves,”