My wild night with Rick

Updated: Jan 29

This is based on a true story, how I met my BF.

I had just driven to a small town to meet this guy, Rick. I met him on A4A and he didn't want to drive all the way to my city.

You see,

He lives in LA.


I'm in Vega$.

Being about 200 miles apart, He wanted both of us to put forth the effort, otherwise He would not drive that far to my place.

Now that I'm here in a musty somewhat cheap, seedy motel room, I am waiting patiently for Him to grace me with his presence. I can't really complain though because He paid for it, but I will take Him out for dinner later. I beat Him here since He ran into traffic. As I was waiting, I will just go through my phone to kill time. This small dismal town doesn't really have much to do.