My wild night with Rick

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This is based on a true story, how I met my BF.

I had just driven to a small town to meet this guy, Rick. I met him on A4A and he didn't want to drive all the way to my city.

You see,

He lives in LA.


I'm in Vega$.

Being about 200 miles apart, He wanted both of us to put forth the effort, otherwise He wasn't going to drive that far to my place.

Now that I'm here in a musty somewhat cheap seedy motel room, I am waiting patiently for Him to grace me with presence. I can't really complain though because He paid for it, but I will take Him out for dinner later. I beat Him here since He ran into traffic. As I was waiting, I will just go through my phone to kill time. This small dismal town doesn't really have much to do.

I hope this place is worth it to meet Him

After last night while speaking on the phone together, I got hard just thinking about the endless possibilities we could have together. After about a half-hour of killing time, He comes in.

I am glad I waited for Him, because after gazing at who's finally in my presence, I am wondering at this point if Im actually dreaming or whats going on. He is so absolutely drop dead fucking gorgeous, that I just can't put His mesmerizing masculinity into words.

Absolutely Drop Dead Fucking Gorgeous Stud!

But I will try.

First, He is my ideal stud because He is so sweet and smooth. If I were to describe Him accurately, I would have to say that He is,

one hot young sweet sexy smooth succulent stud.

Believe me, I am not going overboard here.

I call 'it as I see Him. There is just no other way to describe His masculine beauty. Otherwise, I would be leaving something out.

After taking His shirt off, He has the perfect body; not overly muscular, while at the same time He has perfect tone to His broad shoulders, His gorgeous smooth chest, not to mention His strong arms. If He wants to dominate me in any way, I wont be able to resist. He looks like He could pin me down or throw me across the room if he had the urge. 

We obviously are both very happy to finally be in the room together. I planned for a lot of love and affection together tonight in our new friendship. We were about to have some of the best hot passionate sex that I could imagine. Since I could not resist, I will just give into His urges and let Him do whatever He wants with me. Im going to be at His total mercy. I usually have a "sense" of people and by the way He was acting, I had the feeling that I could trust Him implicitly. Besides I love risk, it turns me on somehow, it drives me insane, in the best way.

"Lay on your belly and shut your eyes!" He commands!

I don't dare defy Him, because He knows what He is going to do with me, so I just give in to His forceful will. Then I feel His manly hands caress my legs up around my ass, He pulls my head back and He then utters powerfully,

"Did you make a mistake trusting me?"

I don't know what is making me do it because this is my last chance to break free, something inside me says to trust Him. 

I then say, "I'm in your hands, Master."

Since I am the risk-taker that I am, I will just go for it, and I don't know why I said Master, but I was just in the moment. I figured it was the right response. That way I could stay in His good graces. He then orders me to stay still and not move an inch.

I oblige as I start to feel a peculiar feeling that I never felt before.

"What is that you're doing, Master?" I wonder while I respectfully request an answer.

"Stay silent!" He directs me.

"Yes Master," I obey.

In no time flat, He forcefully wraps a blindfold around my head. Then in a flash, I get bound up with what feels like ropes. But instead of feeling afraid, it somehow gives me a safe secure feeling.

No escape for me now!

"How does that feel?" He inquires.

"What did you do to me?"<