Never swear that you wont do it!

Don't ever swear that you won't... it. 

Is there anything that you ever swore you would never do? 

Did you ever swear that you were never going to do it? 

What's it? 

You know what "it" is...... 


IT can be anything.


IT can be something.

In my case it was something..........that I said I would NEVER do.

Whats something?


Because, you just might......and you may surprise yourself.

I always swore that I would never ever ever be in a LD relationship. 

But here I am, in one. 

My BF, I am eternally grateful we met.

I am in love with my BF, or just perhaps, my husband who is the first one I have ever had that I truly love, that always reminds me to perform good husbandry.

Thanks, Husband, for accepting me.

If I would have never been in a LD relationship, I never would have been able to meet him.

He is CA

I am NV

We met in CA, Barstow specifically. 

We BOTH put in the effort to meet for the first time.

A good thing too, as he would have never come all the way to Vega$, to meet me.

My point is that you never ever want to take a chance on passing something by that may be life changing, especially if it will be for the better.

You never know what your future holds for you.

So don't ever count events out, otherwise you could pass on something major.