New Name Of The Game We BOTH Love

What's the new name of the game we BOTH enjoy playing together?

OH, you don't know the one I am referring to?

You know, it MUST be where we BOTH are trying to win before S/HE does.

When HE plays HIS very own version, it's to "SCORE" when HE NAILS HER in bed.


Well, HER key move is simply to empty HIS wallet.

Don't forget, it MUST have EXACTLY 2 players!


Still stumped?

Ok, here is your LAST hint!

Both HE and SHE are in it to win it.

Give up?

I remember everyone calling it "Battle of the Sexes" long ago.

Is that still the correct name for it?

Well, the reason you may not have guessed, is even though the name may be outdated, this doesn't stop s/he from playing this crafty, underhanded, dirty game against each other by exploiting each other's manipulative techniques with a combination of finesse and really fabulous acting.

Some of these "beauties" should be in Hollywood!!

We really need to be more up front with our counterparts. They are onto your games and dishonesty.

Do you really think they are as stupid as you think?

Ok, maybe a few are, lucky for you.

In speaking for myself, if you request something for nothing,

1st: I will assume you are just another 1 who is out of touch with reality somehow.

2nd: Depending on my patience that day, I may just hold everything in. Whether that works, I will warn you now it doesn't work ALL the time!

3rd: Now, if I am in a mood, then you might just want to disperse! Best advice for you.

Otherwise, if I am chilling and relaxed, I will be approachable. Until you say, that you are one of these:



money hungry vultures,