Nude Beach? OR Just Clothing Optional?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

It was Halloween 2018. 

Crystal clear perfect PARADISE!

My friend Larry took me to enjoy my very first nude beach experience at "pirate's cove." located in Pismo Beach, California. Before we arrived, I envisioned hundreds of people, as friendly as ever, laying out all over the sand next to the Pacific Ocean.

Well, unfortunately, when we got there it was absolutely NOTHING like I expected.

First, getting there is never easy. Just getting down to the beach from a parking lot high above was the first challenge. A rope was necessary to navigate down a steep incline, in order to even get down to beach level. When we finally made it to the beach, after letting go of the rope, that out of five people in sight, four of them had clothes on.

Larry, did we come to the right place?

I really felt like asking him.

Now for some reason when I hear "NUDE" I get visions of “no clothes" right?” 

Guess not. 

I thought I would finally be at a place that I could feel "open and free." 

So far, I'm just not getting it yet. The "vibe".

Nude? Then why all the clothes?

From what I saw so far, there were more clothed bodies than nude ones. As we walked to the spot Larry had picked out, I spotted a couple. The man was lying on his back while the woman was giving him a ‘hand’ if you know what I mean. I’m pretty sure that’s forbidden in public, even at a nude beach. 

Arriving at the spot Larry was looking for, we decided to lay down and soak up some sun. I noticed another couple about ten yards away lying on their stomachs. The man closest to me got up, and I saw that both were .....

WOW! I certainly misjudged that one!

Because one of them had long hair, I had mistaken him for a woman, but it was becoming clear that there were NO nude women at this beach.  At least not that I could spot. Then, to add to my curiosity even more about everything, the man that stood up, put his bathing suit on to go "into"??... the water. 


Huh, that makes about as much sense as gettin a burger at KFC!

So, much for my first experience so far.  Not that I’m a voyeur, but it would be more comfortable if others were partaking. 

The Next day,

I thought I would give the nude beach experience a second go-round. 

Maybe yesterday was just a fluke, right? 

I arrived earlier than the previous day. I was one of around 10 scattered people on the beach since it wa still early yet.  It almost felt like a semi-private beach. 

A couple of people were walking by me on a stroll. 

They were clothed.