Nude HOT! Naked NOT!

Updated: Jan 10

I agree!

Which one are you?

Is it possible to be both?

Well, actually, there are some of us that are both. 

However, personally,


Reason being, I have always considered nude to be more tasteful, while naked is more shameful. I will explain the difference, because I use both of them as well. However, the context is crucial.



is always used when showing proper respect for OUR human form and referring to tasteful art.

Don't you agree?

Try to OPEN your mind to the concept of tasteful NEWDity

For example, I have heard of "tasteful nudity," but not "tasteful nakedity." Since it's tasteful, it's showing proper respect for ALL OUR beautiful anatomy.   Conversely,


applies to a different context, as I think of a completely distinct dynamic since it just doesn't carry the same dignity and respect the way nude does. Keep in mind that many of us assume this to be true, after all, there are many nudists and naturists, but no "nakedists."  Also, when I heard long ago that,

"Nude is art, naked is dirty," that really sealed the deal for me.

The reason that naked doesn't achieve the same respect as nude does, is that I always consider the shame of the bible. Adam and Eve, were naked, if you remember, and they were ashamed that they defied god.

If only you could have saved your appetite!

In this context, I envision a dirty primal animal, because I have also heard of the series, 

"naked and afraid" 


"nude and afraid." Remember me mentioning context?

You may agree, it's proper for naked, to describe an environment that is animalistic or primal, like the instincts of a wild animal way out in the jungle, on the hunt. 

Naked - Wild & Primal!

The "shit that makes it stink" is when you attach it to PORN, which is totally filthy and offensive. It's mainly the reason that ignorant textiles unjustly correlate us, nudists, with. Because oblivious textiles don't have any concept of what nudists are, they just assume sex and porn as soon as they hear naked. If they did not equate the two, then showing your authentic form without clothes would not be so "TABOO" and "forbidden."

So, there you have it, put into the simplest terms, the difference between the two:

Nude and Naked.

Two entirely different sides of the spectrum.

Now that we all know the difference between nude and naked, we should also know how to get 

"open and free."

WAIT! Huh?

What was that?