ONLY choices are MURDER or LOVE?


We ARE human after all!!

Parents, please tell me if you have any idea what UNCONDITIONALLY means.

To me, and the many parents that TRULY love their children, it means



So having kids means you will LOVE them, NO MATTER WHAT!!


It's so very sad to know that there are STILL way too many parents that do NOT have a clue what this means. Being in a BI-teen group on another site, I continually get asked,

"How do I come out to my parents?"


Why would this even be a question that teens need to ask?

It is because there are STILL way too many parents that do NOT have a clue what

UNCONDITIONALLY means, as I already stated. Otherwise, teens would not have to ask this.

Well, there are parents that absolutely need to be treated the same exact way, they treat their very own kids. The monsters I am referring to, that were somehow allowed to become parents, not ONLY tortured their son, but ended up actually killing him!

When I came across, couple could face death penalty, and found out what they did, my anger isn't even on the scales, as it's beyond measurement!

Anthony, just 10 years old, thought he had parents who loved him and he could confide in. Oblivious, he told them he liked boys and girls. Now, being a mere 10 years old, he could have meant that he liked to talk with them, play with them or many other things that go through an innocent child's young impressionable mind.

Apparently, I am oblivious in a sense, where it is beyond me, why I am even in a world where there is much more hatred eternally, than love will ever exist.

Is this a nightmare I am having?

How can humans, being so called, the "most advanced" species on our planet, hate AND EVEN KILL, their very OWN offspring?

Can you even imagine another species that is capable of this?

I cant!

God forbid, we all just can't get along with each other and accept everyone for who we all are!

Will NEVER happen!

At least love your own family!!

Most importantly, your OWN kids!!

WTF people?

I don't understand why, when considering race, we are a racist if we are hateful towards a specific race. We MUST be civil and kind toward EVERYONE!

But, when it comes to sex/gender, the "norm" is to exclude one of them?

Thus, if you are monosexual, attracted to ONLY one sex, this is just fine?

But loving BOTH, is NOT normal?

Or accepted!

So, we BISEXUALS are outcasts!

How are we outcasts for something we DIDNT EVEN CHOOSE?

Why do some people's rights matter, yet others do NOT?

When I hear about an innocent, loving child being killed by fucking hateful parents who have an obligation to him, to be his first line of communication, I just want to terminate them in the worst way possible!

Another problem I have, is why are these kind of hateful people, even parents in the first place?

I would love to have him in my life and show him how much I love him and raise him in a loving home. Instead, he is just eliminated from this fucked up world. Well, if he has left a fucking world where there is more hatred, bullying, judgments made about others based purely on looks, murders and much much more, then he will be much better off.

.However, the torture he endured was NOT needed or justified.!!

What are your feelings and how would you deal with these demons?

Perhaps figure out how to deal with his monsters or what some may call parents, who should be kept alive and tortured the same way as they did him. I couldn't even get through the article after reading about the way he was burned by cigarettes and hot sauce.

WTF kind of world did I get dropped off on?


Am I already in hell?