May I get your opinion on these important questions

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Why are there so many men only interested in unfulfilling acts of self -serving sex just to get their rocks off, while women are the exact opposite?

Why are women usually the ones that enjoy cuddling, love, & affection, but not sex?

Why don't men care about respect, or intellect, while women are always concerned about these & are very passionate to be respected for their minds and intellectual beliefs?

Why are women always the most desired, while they are not a bit interested in the many men that pursue them to satisfy their own selfish needs?

Men have no problem being seen nude & are usually nudists, but women have NO desire to see any men, who want ladies to see them, while women are the exact opposite; hate being seen nude, usually having body image issues.

Why do women have works of art for their bodies, yet always so shy and insecure about themselves with body image issues around men?

Why do we have substances available, that are harmful, illegal, or even both?

Why can't we all just get along with each other and accept others who are different, while not being judged on features like our bodies?

Why is it, the superficial & shallow ones can't mind their own personal interests & issues, rather than gawking & looking at others who are not even in their personal space, simultaneously exerting themselves with much effort to hurt others?

What questions come to your mind?

Dont EVER do this! YOU could get HURT!!

There are many more questions out there that still need answered, so feel free to chime in and share them with us.

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I hope we can reach out while pondering the future of our various life concepts.

Thank you so much for your time and attention