Hey!! Forget to mention our BI Babes?

BOTH us guys AND the gals who love us!

Well, now that you mention it, I actually have, although NOT intentionally. But right now, I will honor ALL you BI.....babes, gals, ladies, or even you women out there.....whatever you prefer to be called, yes, you females too with NO disrespect to you being referred to as your sex.

We loving BI guys will not settle on 3 cheers to you, but no less than 5 for you to be honored this fine morning on New year's eve.


Less than 24 hours till '22!!

Hope it's somehow more friendly than these last 2 years.


Stop getting sidetracked and honor our beautiful, accepting, and compassionate counterparts so they know they are vitally important to us.

TRUE!! I know this since I am really proud of myself

I know as a BI guy, I will declare for the record, I would be beyond Cloud 9 while allowing my life the realization it is really complete if one of you gals would take me as your life-long partner. I would be with you beyond death!! NEVER let you go!

I can never realize all the opportunities and wild activities we both could have together!!

I love each of you for your own specific beauty

Keeping in mind no matter who would join us for sensual and erotic times, they would attract both of us. Also worth noting, the hetero "bitches" wo