God is showing me....2 reasons to be happy

Updated: May 19

After learning about my 2 friends, I could have had it much worse. Here are 2 people that had it worse than me, 1st Lori, then Scott.

You're right! After my friends, I realized that

Previously I have said my life is so damn difficult, but now that I have run into Lori and Scott who never knew their actual father, god is showing me that my life could be much worse. I guess he wanted to drive his point home since he brought 2 people into my life, instead of only 1!

BOTH dads are NEVER to be found, sorry

Ladies first,

I met her in Oct 2018. I cannot even comprehend how Lori can still conquer life with such a pleasant attitude and demeanor after both of Lori's parents committed suicide and her son as well (and her bro too, I think?) so 4 in all. She has a sister left, but they don't talk.

Her daughter doesn't know her actual dad because Lori got raped and will NEVER EVER know who the father is. Lori told her daughter her dad is in prison for life, but in reality, the guy who raped Lori just disappeared. Lori never will tell her the truth. There are no advantages in telling her, she said to me.

Lori's daughter has had a very bleak life:

Age 5-She got taken away from Lori and placed in a foster care orphanage, and Lori's sister had placed her in foster care.

Age 6- She found out her fake father was a lifer in prison for murder

Age 13-Her entire family, except her mother Lori, committed suicide

Before she has even reached 18 years, she has been in 37 houses and 13 schools so far, and she was living with a 75 yo, mentally dominant old man with Bi-Polar, otherwise she would have been homeless. This guy Rick treats her mother, Lori, like shit and they have been in and out of his house over 5 times, because Lori and her had no other place to stay.

Now, Scott isn't so bad off, but still is in the same predicament regarding his father.

He is a love child because his dad fucked his mom, but she can never get back in touch with the father since he just vanished, so he may not even know he has a son. Also, Scott got adopted by a different mom at just a few weeks of age who abused him almost daily. His adopted dad did nothing about it, and they are not close with each other to this very day. Scott also has a brother who has a mental disorder and very challenged in his life. His brother was injured by his girlfriend and was hospitalized. Both his brother and sister were also adopted, so he has no natural siblings, as they adopted him, his brother, and his sister.


My parents raised me pretty normally, and my childhood wasn't terrible from their actions. I grew up in a couple of homes with both parents till their divorce in 88.

Lori hates her life so much, she doesn't even want me to compile it together and write her bio, "The story of Lori."

"Catchy" isn't it?