Our Purpose in Life?!

What is it?

Answer this & achieve eternal life! NOT on earth!

There are so many infinite souls, OUT THERE!

So many people, DOWN HERE!

We know one fact!

The fact is, we will NEVER know, LIFE??...EXISTENCE??.......AFTER DEATH!!

They have carefully orchestrated it this way.

Who's "they?"

"They" could be anyone YOU believe.


THEY--The Elites?

THEY--Unknown entities?

But which of these is the TOP controllers?

Before you think I am crazy, or under some kind of influence, I have informed all of you before, I believe in "INFINITE POSSIBILITIES" OR "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!"


It's about the same.

Unless you can prove OR disprove a theory, I try looking at it from ALL possible angles.

So, if I ask, Is there LIFE after DEATH?

You better have proof of your answer,


Disprove it.


Am I Right?

Now for my $1 worth, as 2 cents worth is NOT worth MY time.

When you do something, in your mind, it may be insignificant, but to someone else, it may be earth shattering!

You may not even see the effects of your actions, as you may not even be here by the time anything comes about.

Let's use me as an example.

I had a wild vivid imagination 4 decades ago.


Two of my aspirations were becoming a PRO ball player, as well as an architect.

It goes without saying, the latter I came much closer to.

I took architecture in HS, with Drafting as a prerequisite. I even had the chance to take CAD in college.

Before I bore you to death, FFWD to present day.

I write now.

But you may already know this.

At this point in my life, I will concentrate on this skill. I do not plan on changing my focus.

You may also know I am not famous or well known.

Sure, this is everyone's want.....TO BE FAMOUS!!

I will assume that I will NEVER attain this status.

Now, I see so many famous people:

writers, actors, athletes, and the list goes on!

I also spoke to my father and talked about being Rich, Famous, and Powerful.

He said, "Most cannot achieve even one of these!"

He was such a smart man!

This isn't in my cards, as I fall into "most"

We hear about people that were born elsewhere, came here to the sad USA, could NOT even speak our language, but were still in movies, like Conan the Barbarian. But those were not enough, as he went into state govt becoming governor.

At some point, he became ALL three, Rich, Famous, and Powerful. It was all because he put his entire self into body building.

He was passionate about his bodybuilding, then his passion became his drive!

Concentrate on just ONE interest, and you can become MASTER of your craft!!

Passion-Purpose- Focus and Drive

I will mention briefly, Lou Ferrigno.

He had a hearing problem from childhood making him deaf in one ear, and still managed to become a famous actor.


Also, some famous people were not famous until AFTER death!

Let's say I keep writing till my death in 5-10 years. In my comprehension, I will have done nothing of any importance. So, in my mind, I will have failed in life.

But, what if the right person or AI finds my work at a much later date?

He, she, or "it" somehow gets it to the right person or AI, then more will read it and finally the world will have the freedom of choice!!

Choice of what?

Well, if it ends up being my nude posts, the world may FINALLY have the freedom to be tastefully nude, without shallow superficial ignorance abound!

Now is that very significant?

I would surmise it is!

On the other side, if it's one of my BI posts, then BISEXUALITY might be accepted.

Another scenario, my nude writing may just effect others in a small way. More and more people will read my material, and it could influence more people to try nudism while it gives nudists more encouragement to try the resorts, making them more profitable.

These are but a few possibilities. I would not have the time to mention all the


Thanks for reading, yet another post of mine.

Another post that just came to me today!

Love you BOTH,