Prejudice towards BI men! Why?

Why is it we revere bisexual women in society,

but straight men who like dick once in a while,

most women regard as gross or disgusting?

I get so many negative reactions from women when I tell them I like dick too!

Common People!!

It's called being heteroflexible or BI, yet they all think we must be gay.

For ALL of YOU who think we are gay, YOU MUST heed this declaration!

I mean I love gobbling on a nice cock but that doesn't mean I want to marry the guy, let alone cuddle or kiss him.

Dicks are so awesome and fun to play with, especially when you get to swallow a huge load!

The double standards in society are so rampant!!

Women who are bisexuals themselves have even turned me down !!

100% of respondents said we BI guys are much more MANLY! 100%

Get the Fuck out of here with your prejudice!

My sincere thanks to royalebi,

for being the 1st to honor my site by contributing his outstanding work.