PRIDE - #8

Pride is AKA, self-regard, self-esteem, and self-respect.

I wonder what's stopping me?

Hold your head high with PRIDE

I'm able to most days, since I can take great pride in knowing that I....

Graduated high school and finished college with an applied science degree.

Actually got through the military with an honorable discharge after 3 years.

Rescued my little girl, taking care of her with ALL my love while giving her the life that she deserved in the first place.

I always look up to you Daddy! I love my new life!

Handle my bills and finances responsibly.

Am confident enough to be the only one nude at a play party the ENTIRE time.

Am the compassionate, caring, giving, loving man that I am & will always be.

Am bisexual and not giving a fuck whether anyone accepts anymore, while never hiding it, because I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of for loving BOTH!

For NEVER giving up on life "so far" while still trying to live my best life forever!

Created 2 websites, that you can visit if you are interested in my material.

That's about it.

Love you BOTH, (if you were paying attn?)


Good night!