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Hello to you ALL!

YES! YOU! - All my loyal readers & friendly followers that enjoy my material.

You know what I like best about you?

That YOU ALL are honest to god........HONEST!

So, I believe you ALL will enjoy my quotes, & if you like them enough to use them please just place my name, Christopher "CJ" Jeremiah with them, this allows others to see me/name while perhaps, they may even visit my site giving me & my site more exposure.

The following are my original quotes.

Please enjoy them.

My 1st initial quote:

"If there's no hair, dont despair, my tongue is there"

Do not worry, the rest are better

"So when a person leaves to go away, don't make them stay,

try to learn so you can tackle another day."

Leave on FL 3/9/20

"If you were confident in your life, you'd be nude"

"If you are human, you are my friend"

"I'm me and that's all I can be!"

"I have what I have, NO more, NO less"

"Be open and free! as it's the best way to be," (yourself)

If we ALL could simply accept everyone, we would NOT even need clothes!


MY specialty is beyond your expectations, while you just lay back and enjoy my superiority in the oral arts.

Understand that I don't actually "suck" it.

I do much MORE!!

I Make love to it!

Dec 5, 20

Focusing only on the black & white, will not allow you to see the true light, as it's not entirely right, but when you look into the gray, you will then see a new, much better way!

Dec 27, 20


"Being BI is NO lie, the BEST of BOTH is what you MUST try!!!!

"Being BI is NO lie, be proud to have the talent to indulge in the BEST of BOTH & enjoy!

March 9th, 21 liked bi @BisexualBrunch

"I am content with my sexuality.

I know "WHO" & "WHAT" I am.

Once you know that & convey it to others, NO ONE will EVER be able to take that away from you."

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If we ever could actually unite and ultimately live in peace together, you can not even fathom what a wonderful, phenomenal, and astonishing unification we could encounter.