Recommendations & Negatives

Updated: Mar 27

I am starting a page in which we all can say whether a business is POS or NEG.

Today, Jan 19th, 21, I had the pleasure of meeting,

Mike G. of SILVER STATE LOCKSMITH, who was kind enough to replace the batteries in my key fobs.

You may reach him at


OR also

OR his site

OR pay him a visit at

800 N. Rainbow Blvd., Ste 148 (near the elevator)

Vega$, NV 89107

ANYONE can add to list by letting me know about someone, or putting it in the comments.

NOW for the - NEG

Don't ever deal with FOX rent a car!!

They lure you in with low prices, only to charge you......ready for this?

$500, yes you read it right!! Security deposit

Now I am fighting with my card company who is actually taking fox's side??!?!

NEW site


This site charges around $40 to use the site for ONLY a month.

Notwithstanding the cost, you only run into either:

Bitches who want nothing but your wallet


bots who are not real, which you may catch.

Here is just 1 example:

Definately NOT a real person

Notice her/bot saying, "Im nearby"

How is it possible that it knows how close it is?

They only know the city, NOT anything else!

So it can't determine where he is, NO way to know if it's close/nearby!

Next up:

What's wrong with this pic?

It's very obvious what's wrong here

Ok, if you can't spot this, then we need to chat more.

Where's he from?