Updated: Feb 1

Divine beauty without question

Part I - My article.

Part IIMiss G’s encouraging comments, who is a textile, but allows her mind to open up to my valid points. Part IIIMy comments back to hers.

As mature open-minded adults, we should already know how to conduct ourselves properly, but most textiles can’t decipher the difference between sexuality and nudity. These are unequivocally separate in the nudist community.  

First of all, what is sex? Quite simply an act or action. 

Now, what is Nudity?

Per Wikipedia: Nudity, or nakedness, is a state of being in which a person is not wearing clothing, or more specifically not covering their genitals.”

It is therefore not an action, but is a state of being, instead. A friendly lifestyle where participants choose to not wear useless coverings to hide from the world in shame while allowing themselves to feel the freedom of the breeze and sunlight to touch their bodies only wearing their NATURAL suit.

Now ask yourself if all clothing is non-sexual? Is it really?

You know the ones where the male genitals are showing by shape alone through underwear. 

Focus is strictly on the genital area only with it almost showing by its shape or bulge

This can be seen in some women’s poses too, by the way she positions her legs. 

She just seems to be inviting you into her "trap."

The pictures that are described above have some real sexual connotations to them even though there is absolutely no nudity whatsoever.  

Please remember that it is better not to use extremes. It is all about context. 

Nudity is not always sexual


Clothing is not always non-sexual.

Understanding this properly, shows that clothing can be very sexual at times.

Why is it that people inappropriately tie nudity with sex without even thinking?

They should look at how the nude person is acting or what they are doing before they automatically pass inaccurate judgment using their own "blinded" sight.  If you open your mind to other ideas and thoughts, then you will realize that nudity is not intrinsically sexual. 

How "sexual" is this, compared to the 2 above?

Now, being completely HONEST with yourself and me,

Which pics do you feel are more sexual in nature?

The 2 above?


The one with 2 ladies and a man?

When you are ready to take a shower and you are nude, what kind of sex are you having?

If you’re in the bedroom and your partner is in bed, you are just standing in the room doing nothing at all, while nude, what kind of sex are you having?

NONE whatsoever!

Do you see my point?