Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I for the very 1st time EVER, found this in MY special Rob!

My, or at least he was until Tues, Dec 1st, 20, so very COMPLETELY SPECIAL Robert, who was my all around BEST man & great friend, not to mention, my ONLY "husband" ever, that I have ever found, OR WILL EVER find, in my ENTIRE lifetime was the SOLE one, that I have ever so deeply and profoundly cared for, while I passionately fell for him, bringing me into a state of totally blissful & extreme ecstasy in the most wild loving way I have ever experienced in my life.

On Dec 1st, this extremely awful, totally UNFORGIVABLE worst day ever, that I will forever earnestly wish I could re-live, and completely transform the very truly worst decision of my ENTIRE existence that I somehow made that appears to be....

MY heart will NEVER heal, and my soul is already eternally dead!

UNFORGIVABLE, giving me the worst pain of an eternal heart and soul break, in this now eternally hopeless, and also pointless life with no further purpose or any more motivation to do anything further with my life.


Rob, being the most extraordinary & absolutely exceptional gentleman, that he was, who once was my very own, took time in being sincere & genuine in his, COMPLETELY & absolutely honest, unique & gentle, loving way. He conveyed the highest honor I have ever received by allowing me the privilege of being part of his inspiring, uplifting life. Being almost certain that he, the ONLY one I have ever given my loving heart to, will never see this extremely heartfelt yet sorrowful post, I will attempt my very BEST to return the honor he so graciously bestowed upon me, by conveying in the best way I know how, what a totally virtuous and well beyond irreproachable loving soul he really always was to me.

This post, held in his distinguished honor, is the only way I know to honor him in the most noble and prominent way I can.

Rob touched me in a profound special way, so he will ALWAYS be special to me!

I shall begin by showing the significant process he practiced in his very own loving nature. He always had an eminently acute sense of not only SELF-respect but also giving me the utmost respect I deserved as well. Considering just one manner in which he accomplished this, was his constant, profound concern for me, regarding my pertinent needs, like my good health while I took excellent care of myself.

As he completely immersed himself fully into my prominent & pertinent needs, he also wanted me to set challenging, yet achievable goals. His considerate, thoughtful & commendable actions, made me much more aware of his loving, very sincere demeanor & his constantly calm mannerisms. His way of always being able to keep a level head, even in trying times, never failed to amaze me!

His very special qualities

I will never forget the time when a car nearly ran me over while so flagrantly ignoring the crosswalk I was in, in retaliation, I angrily showed them just how I felt about being invisible, by pounding on their roof.

Care to take a wild guess to the way my very special Rob acted?

Would you believe that he just looked into my eyes, with the same love and concern he always did, then while remaining perfectly calm, he simply asked me, in his gentle, soft spoken voice, that I have always admired,

"Are you crazy?"

This well-intentioned, totally level headed gentleman NEVER ...



get angry at all

jump up and down

have a bad temper