Are you a self-proclaimed HOT shot?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When I was on a fetish/kink website long ago, this post you are about to refer to was my most loved post.

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I got inspired by a young punk kid, about 20 years my junior, when he actually had the audacity to tell me to call HIM?? "Daddy"

ME call YOU, daddy? Read the RULES 1st!

This is when I write, when I have unique experiences like this. You must comprehend that I am a very self-confident man. If you prefer that I do something that is a bit unorthodox, you better have a dam good and valid reason.

So after dealing with him, I wrote this.

If you can't figure out the theme, it is just saying that,

"If you want me to call you something, you must "EARN IT"

Now that you understand the context of this piece, we can begin,

and you will just LOVE the way I do this!

If you are a "hot" shot in your own personal reality inside the depths of your demented thoughts, then I take great pride in creating this informative correspondence just for your thorough perusal, so this is the exact point where you better pay extremely close attention as there may be a exam at some point.

Ok, folks, it's about time for another blog from the ever famous newdchris, me!

What did you say?

What do you mean I am not famous?

But I say I am famous so who are you to tell me any different?

I mean, don't you do the same thing when you want me to call you master or sir?

After reading, Alchemy's blog about being a self-proclaimed master I thought that we all can "self-proclaim" what or who we are.

Isn't that the way it works here?

A "sir" that I just met and was speaking with me for less than two hours told me to call him sir after I asked his name. I thought he was going to say,

"I am Ted or Todd",

but he wanted me to call him "sir".

Now, this is why I have such a problem understanding this lifestyle.

You want me to call you sir without any valid reason?

Just because you wake up one morning and say,

"Today from now on, I am going to be called, sir."

During my tenure, in this new lifestyle,

I have learned something from a Dom,

He told me,

"she is not just 'a' slave, she is 'my' slave."

So in fact, he meant that I couldn't use her for my own use or command her to do anything, so I certainly could not expect to treat her like my property and await her reaction.

Make sense?

So why would you expect ME to call YOU sir without any valid reason or provocation?