The 3 reasons we read

Updated: 6 days ago

I'll give it a shot! Allow me to make YOU smile as I amuse YOU!

Good morning my loyal Fans & Readers alike.

I am trying something a bit different to attain and retain your interest.

So, please allow me to share with you how I actually learned these 3 reasons.

There is an avid writer on Medium that creates some very compelling and educating content. Since I have no idea how to spell or even pronounce his name, we will cheat a bit by using his initials, AA. Yup, those are his!

So, getting to my point, one of his posts sticks in the vault of my memory banks.

He once wrote about the very topic of this post.

Still intrigued what the 3 reasons are?

Ok now, enough suspense.

They are verbatim:




Simple, cut & dry.

really? Speechless! NO caption needed

I have decided to start writing my own blogs this way. Perhaps I might attract others to peruse my site after I take AA's advice. It is of the utmost importance to me also to keep you here as you learn more about me and my life experiences.

My posts might be short and sweet, but also inspiring.


Maybe they can be my usual long boring?... posts, while educating you.

But I will attempt to do at least one of these three in every post henceforth hoping that you may become addicted to my various sincere posts of various topics.

In an attempt to retain you fantastic loyal readers, and perhaps attract more,

I will always put forth my absolute utmost efforts to be sure you are entertained, inspired, or even more importantly, educated while you enrich yourself with the benefits of "education" in my 2 primary passions and much more. I always strive for your complete comfort with my material, while I enjoy helping you, and making a difference together.


By ALL means, please remember, it is NEVER my intent to offend you.

I always remember that we are all equally created from birth with a brand spanking new slate as we either choose to polish it or tarnish it with our intelligent or ignorant actions and decisions in life, as we move slowly to the next stop on our eternal journeys.

However, I also never forget about our various differences while sharing our own unique trials and tribulations, as well as the rewards for our decisions in life. I, for one, accept others for both their similarities as well as their individual traits and attributes.

I must assert it is such a damn shame that we can't all get along together and allow ourselves to open up to others. This is not only factual of the nudist community battling textiles but also sadly a very bleak and disturbing fact of our lives. I would give anything I have of extreme value just to open up my heart and soul to another humane human.

That, to me, would just be way.....should I say it?