The most important lesson to learn in life!

In life, you must always be honest, otherwise, you might lose the people most important to you that have real dignity and great value.

I unfortunately lost 3 of the most significant people in my life, never to speak to me again, since I didn't follow this.

Isn't that just fucking fabulous?

So I will attempt to explain how to be honest so you will live a much happier life.

Sometimes I said things to suit only myself, like saying that I was there, but actually I was somewhere else. There were other times I said something else, thinking it would be a good plan to deceive them a bit, so I would only take my own needs into consideration over theirs. Whatever various deceptions I devilishly came up with, they would keep me out of trouble, ONLY in the short term though, as the lies and deceptions turned into trust issues.