The most important lesson to learn in life!

In life, you must always be honest, otherwise, you might lose the people most important to you that have real dignity and great value.

I unfortunately lost 3 of the most significant people in my life, never to speak to me again, since I didn't follow this.

Isn't that just fucking fabulous?

So I will attempt to explain how to be honest so you will live a much happier life.

Sometimes I said things to suit only myself, like saying that I was there, but actually I was somewhere else. There were other times I said something else, thinking it would be a good plan to deceive them a bit, so I would only take my own needs into consideration over theirs. Whatever various deceptions I devilishly came up with, they would keep me out of trouble, ONLY in the short term though, as the lies and deceptions turned into trust issues.

Some even believe that not telling the whole truth is lying, but I do not believe this to be the case, though.

If you go to the restaurant and don't say the exact way you got there, leaving certain erroneous information out,

would that still be lying?

Not really, NO!

You informed them of where you went, your specific route was irrelevant.

As if all the misinformation I was constantly coming up with for my benefit, wasn't already enough to deal with, I made promises that I wasn't able to deliver on. This really mislead them, so after a while, they didn't even believe me. After this, they didn't even respect me anymore.

What you are about to embark on, is the journey NOT to do what I did. Keep in mind, it is especially hard on people that have already experienced certain emotional pain and hurt in horrible ways. This fabricated existence affects the younger generation, who has a lot to absorb about these various concepts, such as understanding, trust, and communication.

One Christmas long ago, I somehow thought that it would be better to say that I was still in town, but in reality I was really back east with my family members.

They caught me in a lie.

It turns out that I would have been better off telling the truth, after all, that is exactly what they thought would be better for me during the holidays. They rather have me being ALL alone at home, even though this is exactly how I spend it on many holidays, ALONE!!

Im sure most of us have lied and regretted it also, as there are many reasons to embellish the truth, but no matter the reason, always be up front and honest with everyone you deal with.

As you are ALL aware, there is ALWAYS an exception to EVERY rule on earth. This is exactly what they do to keep us ALL on our toes!!

Much to my sadness and grief, they were out of my life long ago, but just recently I lost the ONLY one that I have EVER loved in my life, as I gave HIM my eternal heart and soul. That famous straw was leaving him in bed when I started my trip home.