Tribute to my wonderful FATHER!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Dad is here
1941-It takes strength to be kind and gentle-1995

Today, June 16th, 2019, would be my Dad's 50th father's day.

But since an evil, vile demon took my Dad from me way too soon, He won't be joining us ever again.

He was always there for me during the different situations that caused me undue stress, during turbulent situations as I was growing up.

The first time I can remember, I was a mere 10-year-old boy in a bowling league with my peers. When I got into an argument with one of them on my team, after being pushed to the ground, I left the bowling alley and went to the first place that I saw to call home. This was back when cell phones were not even invented yet. The first place I came upon, Jonathan's was very intimidating, as it was a bar that was not in the greatest area. But in a matter of minutes after my call home, my Dad courageously entered and accompanied me back to the bowling alley to have me resolve the problem on my own with Eric, my assailant.