Tribute to my wonderful FATHER!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Dad is here
41-It takes strength to be kind and gentle-95

Today, June 16th, 2019 would be my Dad's 50th father's day.

But since an evil, vile demon took my Dad from me way too soon, He won't be joining us today & henceforth.

He was always there for me during the different situations that caused me undue stress, during turbulent situations as I was growing up.

The first time I can remember, I was a mere 10-year-old boy on a bowling league with my peers. When I got into an argument with one of them on my team, after being pushed to the ground, I left the bowling alley and went to the first place that I saw to call home. This was back when cell phones were not even invented yet. The first place I came upon was very intimidating, as it was a bar that was not in the greatest area. They called it Jonathan's. But in a matter of minutes after my call home, my Dad courageously entered and accompanied me back to the bowling alley to have me resolve the problem on my own with Eric, my assailant.

He stood His ground during conflicts, which made Him the great man He was. Even though an imbecile raised his bat to torment my fabulous Father, instead of inciting a dispute, Dad simply recorded the plate number of the perpetrator's car before He left to go call the cops. He would not start any fight because he said that it would give me the wrong idea about arguing with another, with me being so young and impressionable there in the face of conflict. He always handled the situation appropriately, with patience and candor to resolve the problem before it escalated any further.

I asked Him why He did nothing and He said,

"It takes strength to be kind and gentle, especially in front you, son."

Then later in life when I was just out of high school into the military, He came to my aid yet again. I was striving to be a great soldier in the army, but the Captain & 1st SGT were very adamant about me being ejected after a conflict between me and my platoon Sgt, but I would have lost all my military benefits. My Dad drove from Vega$ to Oklahoma to make sure that I was not wrongfully discharged. He met with the CPT and I remembered that He sat down with him and spoke with him about my continuing opportunity to be in line for the role of specialist, E4. I walked into the captain's office and saluted as I was always expected to. Whatever magic my Dad implemented must have worked, since eventually the CPT had agreed to let me stay & continue to be a great specialist in my field.

But in 1995 it all changed.

I had to grow up instantly into a new man whether I was ready or not, as my Dad was taken away from me very abruptly and unjustly.

Being so sudden, all it took was 3 very deadly rounds to His body, with the fatal one right through His brain!

This was Sunday night around 7pm and even made the news both locally and as far as PA and NY.

Then, since I had NO idea anything transpired the night before, on a very early Monday morning while I was working, Ron, a family friend, came to my workplace and he was very serious. I could already sense something wasn't quite right.

He just got straight to the point,

"I will just tell you straight out, Your Dad's dead."

1941 Till I see you in the next one 1995

I was just 25.

At this point, I could not have even imagined that He was just blantantly murdered in COLD fucking blood! A man that was always beyond reproach, was blatantly taken away from me in an instant, quicker than the blink of an eye..

He was a better man His entire life, than I will EVER be.

His best friend Gary said, during His eulogy, that

"He was so gentle He couldn't even hurt a fly."

Gary was absolutely CORRECT!!

The only reason the vile evil rogue monster took Him away from us down here, was that He was trying to assist His mother from a dangerous situation. There was no way to seek justice with the merciless monster who had been drinking and on drugs, above the law and committed suicide, thus alleviating any recourse at all.

So, this barbarian murdered 2 people, then killed himself. It's really a god shame that this barbaric loose cannon wasn't able to achieve this much earlier on. It would have been much more humane to his 2 victims, leaving them both alive and well.

His atrocious, merciless actions caused a "double homicide - suicide"

This inhumane malicious rouge stole the only local family I had.

To this very day, 25 lonely years later, I am still the only member of my family in town.