May I say VA day is so gay cuz I must "PAY!"

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Ok, today is Nov 11th, 20

Just feels like every other day to ME!

I thought its VETS day?

But I'm really not sure it is!

It doesn't feel any different to me.

Let me tell you about MY veterans day.

While I sit here ALL ALONE and starve, my BF is getting a $40 meal, FREE from his work.

"Too much food," he tells me

Now, I thought I was the vet!!

So while he gets his $40 comped meal,

I get offered a $3 meal?

Are you fucking serious?

As I look through our offers, I come across 1 from a wiener place and its a whopping hot dog with fries thrown in and a lousy drink that costs them maybe 35 cents. Now I'm not really sure how you other vets feel about the "fabulous" offers we get, but I feel like they can be a real smack in the face. It seems to me, some can be a real fucking joke. Did you notice that it is just a hot dog, not the burger or anything of real value, real thanks, or to say the least, real nutrition, either.

Oh yeah, did you also notice the "size" that we are offered also?

Thanks! After 4 years of bullshit and fighting in a war, this is ALL you offer us!

Do any of you even have a fucking clue WTF we have been through?

Now I never want to sound ungrateful or unreasonable, so before I give you that impression, allow me to fill you in on MY military experience for OVER 3 years and you tell me if a $2-$3 meal is worth "it."

"IT" means my blood, toil, tears and sweat during my long years in the service.

If, after reading my TOTAL experience of OVER 3 years, you believe a $3 meal is worth it for ALL I have been through, then I will march, just as I was trained to do, right on down to wiener and get my free meal.

Sound like a plan, Stan?

I'm sure it will just hit the spot,

don't you think?

Yeah, thats worth it for my 4 years of service!

After all, he is getting his $40 free meal and I am getting a whole $3 meal, that sounds fair with him not even being a vet.

For those of you, that read my posts regularly you know just how lengthy they are. So here's what I will do for you:

Divide it up into 4 parts!

4 parts:

1 - BT

2 - AIT

3 - PDA

4 - BONUS!