VA Day - Part II - AIT

Now that I have graduated from BT, I am leaving, Ft. Dix, NJ. since it's time for my,





to arrive at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), MD,

Now that I am here, I will tell you that AIT (Advanced Individual Training) taught me my MOS, which just happened to be,

63D20 - Self Propelled Field Artillery Systems Mechanic.

This enabled me to proceed to my, Permanent Duty Station (PDS), after graduation. AIT certainly was much better than BT. I was in a room with 2 guys, no bunk beds, just 3 beds on the floor. But just my luck, I get a hillbilly type that didn't exactly know what a shower was for. During an inspection, the CPT wanted to know who the guys were in my room. After I proudly raised my hand to signify I was one of the three in there, the Drill SGT (DS) made a remark about the smell. So I and the other guy that were his roommates were not exactly proud, but pretty damn embarrassed to say the least. But when the 3 of us reconvened back in our room, I was about to jump down Black's throat. But he was already getting cleaned up and apologized.

Side note:

The funny thing here is that the other roommate that was in the room was actually black, but the guy named black was actually white



Now, keep in mind that a one guy who was in AIT with me, told me that my PDS wouldn't have any trainees in the same area as me.

Remember this tidbit for later.

The M109, just 1 I worked on

One little fun time I remember, being at odds with the guys in my platoon because my social skills have always been basically non-existent and I found shaving cream in my pillowcase.

WTF people do these things, who knows?

That's me with my BPD!

It's more than likely, my "highly effective" social skills. Because of my fabulous social skills while being at odds with everyone, later I skipped my duty one day and all of us had a meeting revolving around my absence.

And the world doesn't revolve around me I'm told.

That's when I found out who did the polite deed in my pillowcase.

It was Pegram. (no I'm not making these names up. They're real!)

It was because I didn't socialize with the others. He said that I was always keeping to myself.

Did I mention my social skills earlier?

Then the DS told me I was allowed to do it back to pegram.

I will say that my DS here in AIT was 500% better than my BT DS,


and they were both black, so don't ever say I hate niggers