VA Day - Part III - PDA

Upon graduation from AIT, it was an inspiring feeling of profound accomplishment!

I knew I could make it!

So, after I got finished with this step of my ongoing challenging, yet very rewarding journey, my PDA, is the very next stage to move to, once and for all!

This stage is where all my training is finally complete, and where I move on to my permanent duty station where I begin to perform my job, on through my departure date from the service.

Do you remember the location where I chose for my PDA?

Well, I know it WASNT OK, just above TX!

Wasn't it the beautiful islands of...........HI?

Hold ON! This is NO Hawaii at all!

Told you they were just dream sheets, well, now that I gave it away, I'm in Ft. Sill, OK bordering with the very small insignificant military town of Lawton. I'm really quite surprised how much it actually reminds me of Erie, PA, my childhood hometown. Both very small with only a couple major roads and even the same size airport,

can you believe they both have only 2 gates?

I really must admit its not the greatest PDA. On top of this very disappointing fact,

I arrived at the beyond perfect time!


Of ALL times of the year, to arrive on a military base! The very time that the entire base was shut down and also when everyone vanished & were completely gone. After I somehow managed to contact my platoon SGT to pick me up from battalion headquarters, he just dropped me off in a empty room that the occupants had left.

So, I had to stay in this room all alone and also attempted to acquire food from a place called, "Sub shack and pizza,"

Yes that's actually it, instead of perhaps calling it more properly, "pizza and sub shack" which makes much more sense than saying sub shack and something. It just sounds better,


It turns out that I was assigned to the battalion, 1/78th FA( Field artillery). This consists of about 4-5 batteries, which then have 3 platoons.

My unit that was home for me for 3 years

At some very surprising, and also unexpected point, I actually find out that I'm in the...

can you guess?

The 6k area had TRAINEES!!

Would you happen to know who else is also there?

Would you actually believe, of all those who could be here?

The trainees!!!

Yes, the very ones that are in basic training!