VA Day - Part IV - BONUS!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

After I got home, I got a job as a mail runner.

Running mail around here was decent to me.

This lasted but a short time, about 6 months later fucking bastard bush declared war!!

Guess what that means?

Nothing to do with me?

They didn't want me right?

Did you remember the BAR to REENLISTMENT that I was so sternly given???

Do you recall that it meant,

Did NOT want YOU back in the army,

Do NOT EVER come back into the army AGAIN,

YOU are NOT wanted back, EVER AGAIN??????


Hmm, well, this is the, well, You KNOW!

They ONLY do what suits THEM!

If it's peacetime, then they have NO use for me, and don't even want to think of me!

But since I was....

READ the RED!!!

But when THEY REALLY need me during a fucking war, that the crooked politicians & fucked up leaders are always declaring, based on THEIR OWN PRIVATE agendas,

THEN & ONLY THEN, do they need me!

So, understand....

"Come the fuck back, we require you to serve, no matter what we said before! Because we only do what we want and dont care 1 bit how it affects you, we ONLY care for "US"A, not anything to do with any contract that we signed because we are ALWAYS above the law, and we don't have to listen to what we say unless we want to and it benefits us, and us alone."


Me neither!!

So, when WE sign a contract, WE ARE obligated to it.

But when the fucking govt does anything, it never applies to them, unless it benefits them, as well as, if THEY WANT TO!

So, the bar to reenlistment only stands if you want to come back,